How does it work?

You can send us your RAW images, we will work on every image individually and then send back the fully edited images to you. As we work on the images, receive feedback from you, and make adjustments to the edit as you require, we will be getting to know you and learning your personal style and this helps to be able to achieve the exact look you want from your images. 

You can send your images to us via two methods.

  1. We can send you a link to a folder on our onedrive account. We have a massive 100gb onedrive account, so this gives you plenty of room to upload your RAW images.
  2. You can send us a Smart Preview in Lightroom. This is the quickest and easiest method for you. And we are all about wanting to give you the easiest method and to save you as much time as possible!! Click here to download our step by step down on how to do it.

After we have received your images, via either method, we begin the editing. Our average turn around is 1-3 working days. During the busy season, turnaround times may be a bit longer. To keep turnaround times as quick as possible, let us know at least a month in advance when your jobs are going to be. This enables us to sort our dairies around you.

Once edited we will send you an invoice which can be easily paid over the internet. Once payment has been confirmed we will re-upload all the edited photos via the method we received them.