School & Nursery Photography

We want the process to be as easy as possible for school and nurseries. So all our ordering is done through our online ordering system. This means:

  • No more collecting proof cards
  • No more chasing after parents
  • No more collecting money
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Are photographs safe online?

Yes! Using encrypted storage means 100% data protection through the use of personal passwords, unique to each parent. This ensures that only parents have access to the photos of their children.

Benefits for Parents?

  • More pictures available. In contrast to the traditional proof card method, an online album provides plenty of space for varied and modern choices.
  • Wider Product Selection. As opposed to traditional proof card orders, parents can decide whether they want prints, mounts, photo gifts or downloads.
  • Share Photographs with friends and family via a secure link.

Benefits for the schools?

  • No more Stress.
  • No collecting proof cards.
  • No chasing after parents.
  • No collecting money.
  • Secure due to individual passwords.
  • Good commission rates.
  • Should see an increase in sales, which means more money for the school/nursery!
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Is it complicated?

Absolutely not. Ordering online is an easy as a couple of clicks. Everyone is so used to buying their shopping or other things online, why not start buying school photos this way too?

Isn't ordering online impersonal?

Not at all! Now ordering pictures can be a family experience. Grandparents, relatives and friends can join to select pictures together. Parents can also share access to their pictures, enabling family and friends to order.

What if parents lose their password card?

We can easily look up their child's photos in our system and resend them the code.