Your online video editing service - It's simple

You shoot the event - using any device you want

We edit the footage and give you a beautiful video


Cost is always important and we want to make it easy to understand how much it will cost to have a video produced. 

The cost is dependent on the length of unedited video you give us. The price gives you a 5 minute finished video.

After we have made your video we will give you the change to view your video and whether you would like any revisions made (up to three revisions are free). After you have signed off on the video we will make the video available for you to download and enjoy.

Length of unedited video

0-30 minutes   £85

31-60 minutes   £140

61-90 minutes   £200

91-120 minutes   £250

121-150 minutes   £300

151-180 minutes   £350

extra 30 minutes   +£50

finished video

The final video will be less than 5 minutes long (this length is highly recommended). If you require a longer video then after the first 5 minutes it will cost £25 for every 5 minutes.

If you want a specific song then please provide it, if not we will choose the best song to fit your video.

Use us to produce beautiful videos for:

Wedding Videos

Family Holiday Videos

Go-pro Videos


What device can i use to film with?

You can use any device. Nowadays phones come with good cameras that can capture great footage.

What type of films do you edit?

You can use us to edit any type of film. Do you have video and photos from a recent family holiday? We can turn it into a beautiful film.

You can use us to make a wedding video for you. Ask friends and family to record your wedding, send us the footage and we will create a memorable wedding video you.  

How long will it take to make my video?

It will take about 6-8 weeks to edit your video. After we have edited your video, we send you a click so you can watch it. We allow 3 rounds of small changes to the video. After you "ok" the video we send you a link to be able to download the video and watch with friends and family.

What music do you use?

We can provide you with music to suit your video, or you can send us some music you would like. If you decide to provide us with music you have to be awake of royalty issues. If you don't buy the royalties for a song then you can't post the video online.